Celeste's Hot! but Sweet! Jalapeno Relish is perfect for a variety of items:

  • Relish is a perfect topping for hot dogs, sausages, bratwursts or hamburgers

  • Served with cream cheese or brie for a nice appetizer

  • Makes great tuna, chicken, potato or egg salad

  • Many enjoy it with their eggs in the morning

  • Great inside a quesadilla or melt in a grilled cheese sandwich


For decades, Celeste has enjoyed cooking and preparing delicious gifts for friends and family.  One of her specialties is her relish.  In 2009 she became the recipient of bags of jalapeno peppers from a neighbor’s garden.  What to do?  As she grew up in the Midwest Celeste learned the value of creative kitchen craft using all available fresh food ingredients, and leave nothing to waste.  So, the natural thing was to pickle or preserve it!  Celeste made a batch of her new jalapeno relish gifting it to family and neighbors.   It became an instant hit with requests for more and numerous comments “you should market this”.  With that encouragement, Celeste decided to bring it to market.  The next year was spent perfecting the process to accommodate small batch preparation to ensure the quality and flavor were true to the garden-fresh original.  


Serving Suggestions


Originally, Celeste started with two versions of the relish, the original “Hot but Sweet” and the “Extra Hot”.  Both start with a sweet relish taste and then, wait for it, finish with a little kick at the end.  Both are available in 13 oz. jars.  In early 2017 Celeste added "Garlic Lovers" relish and her first hot sauce, Pineapple Mango Habanero.